National Latino Congreso

National Latino Congreso 2012
May 17-19, 2012


¿Permisos para 'sin papeles'?
Así como en Arizona y Alabama se han promovido legislaciones que restringen derechos a los inmigrantes sin papeles, en California se estará impulsando una iniciativa que otorgaría permiso de trabajo legal a los indocumentados.

Se trata del "Plan California", una iniciativa que ayer se reveló en el Congreso Latino que se llevó a cabo en el Pitzer College de Claremont, con la cual se estaría desafiando a las leyes federales ante la inacción del Congreso y de la Casa Blanca respecto a la reforma migratoria.


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The National Latino Congreso's primary purpose is to provide a space for collaboration and debate toward the development of a coordinated policy agenda for the Latino Community. One important aspect of this process is developing policy resolutions that can be considered and endorsed by delegates.

Submit your Resolutions or Amendments by Sunday, May 14, 5 p.m. Central time to have your resolution up for consideration at this year's plenaries. Resolutions will be heard in order of receipt and by subject. Existing Approved Resolutions are also open to amendment. Please review the Rules of the Congreso and the Approved Resolutions. To submit an Amendment, please follow steps below.

1. Organizations must Register and Endorse the 2012 NLC. Only Convener, Co-Convener, and Paid Endorsing Entities earn Delegates that may introduce Resolutions and amendments to ANY resolution.

2. Review Congreso Rules: Please read the rules before submitting a Resolution and an Amendment to a Resolution

3. Review 2006 - 2011 Approved National Latino Congreso Resolutions Amendments to any existing resolution are also accepted.

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Remember, only DELEGATES may submit and vote on resolutions and amendments. Organizations and Offices of Elected Officials that BOTH register AND endorse earn delegates.

Individuals are not eligible for Delegates. If you wish to change your individual endorsement to an organizational or Elected Official version, please contact us at the NALACC at or by phone (877) 683-2908 ext. 7

Amendment Submission Deadline is Sunday, May 14, 2012, at 5pm Central Time. Don't forget, to complete your registration today by clicking here!