National Latino Congreso

National Latino Congreso 2012
May 17-19, 2012


¿Permisos para 'sin papeles'?
Así como en Arizona y Alabama se han promovido legislaciones que restringen derechos a los inmigrantes sin papeles, en California se estará impulsando una iniciativa que otorgaría permiso de trabajo legal a los indocumentados.

Se trata del "Plan California", una iniciativa que ayer se reveló en el Congreso Latino que se llevó a cabo en el Pitzer College de Claremont, con la cual se estaría desafiando a las leyes federales ante la inacción del Congreso y de la Casa Blanca respecto a la reforma migratoria.


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Download The 2012 National Latino Congreso Program

We invite you to participate in the 2012 National Latino Congreso that will take place May 17 through 19 at the Arturo Velazquez Institute located at 2800 South Western Avenue Chicago, IL 60608.

The objective of the National Latino Congreso (NLC) is to create an open and inclusive space to explore the policy and political agenda of Latino communities in the USA, including the international/Latin American perspective.

The upcoming National Latino Congreso in Chicago represents the first time the National Latino Congreso will take place outside of the U.S. Southwest region. This year, we will focus on three over-arching themes:Economic Justice, Immigration/Migrant Rights, and Latino Vote/Civic Engagement. Sessions will also discuss a range of related topics such as: Youth, Education, Art, Culture, Environmental Justice, Transnationalism, Gender Equity, and Community Health and Well-being. The national convening organizations will prepare concept papers about the central themes with the purpose of promoting dialogue and developing a set of resolutions for consideration by the Congreso participants. Resolutions may also be presented and discussed in any of the simultaneous workshops/panel sessions.

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